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Etrending® Patent

Etrending® functions as a medical data analysis and trending software which is deployed globally through the internet from a central server. It was filed as a patent (Method and System for Analysis of medical Data) with the United States Patent & Trademark office on October 2nd 2006, and formal notice of allowance was received on June 3rd 2010.

Title: Method and System for Analysis of Medical Data

Application No : 11/540, 666 (US) and 2603614 (Canada)

Date of Recipt (dd/mm/yyyy): 02/10/2006

Formal Notice of Allowance for the US patent(dd/mm/yyyy) : 03/06/2010

Etrending® Trademark

Canadian Trademark Registration No : TMA 707,328

U.S. Trademark Registration No : 3,514,661

European Union Trademark Registration No : 005446083