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Our Goal is to enable the user to analyze, summarize and report on their data as quickly and easily as possible.

To meet this goal we are always in the process of integrating new devices that produce data which can be plotted, charted, and graphed.

eTrending has been developed to be as flexible as possible in order to meet the requirements of all users who need to trend data. Our intention is to allow a user to attach any medical device to their computer and to immediately analyze and view their trend data. To enable this we are in the process of integrating many medical devices and developing graphical interfaces to help with the visualization of that data.

To the right is a list of all the devices that are currently integrated and ready to use with eTrending.

The table is broken down by manufacturer.



Onyx II 9560


Individuals: Are you using a device that is not listed? Would you like to see that device integrated?

At eTrending we believe in you the individual and user community as being the best way to improve our software and to create a better tool for everyone. If your device is not listed, please let us know. Head on over to 'integrate your device', select the individual tab, and let us know what device you are using. Based on the number of requests, the staff at eTrending can focus our efforts to integrate the devices that our users WANT to use.

Manufacturers: Is your device not listed? Would you like it to be?

Please see the integrate your device tab, select the manufacturer tab and fill out the form to get in touch with someone at eTrending who could then guide you on how to get your device eTrending enabled!