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    How eTrending Works

Connect your supported eTrending device

After you have performed the installation, you simply have to take the device that has the information you want to trend, and connect it to your PC with the proper manufacturer's cable for your device. You can see a list of supported devices and their related cables in the 'Devices and Cables' tab.

Download and Install
Download and Install

Login and upload your data

With your device and cable ready, all you need to do now is login to your eTrending account, create a new patient and study, or add to an existing patient's file, and click the upload button. The upload tool will allow you to select the information set that you want and then will pull it over to eTrending's server. That's it! You're done!

Manage all of your patients and uploaded studies

You can view a list of all of your patients and studies that you have created and uploaded to eTrending. Both are organized and displayed so that you can simply search and edit.

View Summary Information regarding your data

Dig deeper by navigating to specific study details and graphical representations the data. The scored data has been derived from the data uploaded from your medical device.

View and Edit scored data on the most advanced online tool available

View your trend data in the latest graphical tool allowing you to easily navigate through the data and narrow your focus into specific periods. You can also view detailed periods of data and change their status. This allows the you to add your own expertise and experience to the scoring of the data.

View detailed study data and add your expertise feedback

Windows within the graphical interface allow you to view the scored data and modify it if required. You may also add comments to the study and identify periods of interest or make general comments about the overall study.

Produce a full report summarizing the analysis of your data

After you have finished adding your input, and are satisfied with your analysis, you can simply click a button to generate a complete and detailed medical report. The report can be saved, printed or e-mailed as required.

Perform all these steps from any location globally.