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    Do you have a medical device that records data?

    eTrending® is a state-of-the-art data analysis software. Easy to use and graphically rich. eTrending takes raw, hard to decipher data from medical devices and transforms it into simple to understand charts, tables, and graphs. Look at the available functionality and see what we're all about.

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      Instant set up, just download our device data uploader and create an account.

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      A must have for patients and clinicians!

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      Data Verification & Validation

      Based on patented technology and peer reviewed medical research.

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      Pricing that makes sense

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      Plug and Play Ready!

      Plug your medical device in and go

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      Constant Updates

      With eTrending® you will always be up-to-date

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    eTrending® was developed after realizing that there was no web-centric product available that could manage and analyze data produced during respiratory sleep studies and nocturnal oximetry. eTrending was initially designed as an internal tool for scoring data received from pediatric sleep studies, but due to the large amount of positive feedback and recommendations to expand the scope of the product it was decided to release eTrending as an online tool. Our intention is to diversify eTrending into as many scoring and trending applications as possible.